Integration Dance

“If being stuck & frozen is part of someone’s traumatized state,
then movement is the central resource for growth and development.”
– Oliver Schubbe

I AM Dancing, your online dancefloor
to support your self-expression & self-realisation.

Dance to the rhythm of your soul!

Let your body lead and inhabit him/her fully, not by emptying him/her and keeping him/her still, but by alivening him/her, dropping into him/her currents of sensations, moving and embracing the fullness of you more intimately. Allow the fluid flow. It is not about emptying yourself out, but coming home to yourself. Turning your awareness within. Allow your body to dance. Don’t put your body into a position that you think it should go to, but let your body lead you instead.

What is Integration Dancing?

Integration dancing is a Conscious dance practice allowing you to:

  • Deepen body awareness
  • Encourage individualistic self expression
  • Deepen connection with your authentic self
  • Dance as a form of self care
  • Unite mind, feelings & body
  • Rediscover your passion for movement
  • Dance out of trauma into a new sense of ease and grace
  • Make the body a safe place again
  • Dance yourself into the present moment
  • Allow spontaneous creativity of the body
  • Increase your joy for life
  • Allow sensuality
  • This conscious dance practice is not about “getting anywhere” but instead about “feeling and experiencing” yourself in the dance.

    How I AM Dancing got born

    I have attended many Ecstatic Dance & 5 Rhythm Dance classes in London and even hosted my own Dancewalking Meet Up group to unite dancers to free style dance publicly through parts of London together.

    For many years I wanted to create my own Conscious dance practice covering various topics that come up during self realisation and integrate them during the dance.

    In 2020 I am Dancing got born where I create one dance video each week to integrate various topics during the dance.

    What are the benefits of dancing?

  • Dancing is a form of self love, self care & embodiment
  • It is about learning to trust in the authority of your own body experience
  • Practice Intuitive Self Care through free style dancing
  • Dance is about connecting you to who you are, your dance moves are a language of your feelings at a particular moment in time
  • Allow yourself to experience mental wellbeing through dance
  • Through dance, you can convey emotions and narrate stories with your body that may not have been communicated verbally
  • Dance without restrictions and limitations, truly feeling, experiencing, and embodying the art of dance
  • Integration Dance is a form of embodied dancing, it is about the experience of how it feels to dance from a place of living inside of your body compared to looking at yourself from an outside perspective and judging yourself, your moves, your dancing, your life

    How can I join I AM Dancing?

    Sign up to a monthly reoccurring membership tier of your choice and receive from 1 up to 4 Patreon post(s) a month to support your self-realisation journey where I will touch upon various topics like passion, self-love, self-expression, manifestation & abundance which you can integrate in the dance.

    Each post will include some story telling from my own self-realisation journey, plus a 30-40 mins playlist for you to dance to from your own home.

    From time to time I will also introduce you to new dance moves or gadgets like ribbons, Hula hoop & Glow Poi Sets to spice up your own dancing skills.

    You can cancel your membership subscription anytime if you no longer wish to receive dance posts.

    1 Conscious Dance Video per month – £6
    2 Conscious Dance Videos per month – £12
    3 Conscious Dance Videos per month – £18
    4 Conscious Dance Videos per month – £24

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    “We were born to dance!
    There is no right way or wrong way, just your own dance.

    Don’t copy people, don’t follow people,
    let your body dance & move the way it wants to.

    When you’re creative with your body,
    you tap into your own authenticity.

    Your inner world gets a little bit louder and you sense it more when you dance.
    When you get moving there’s something there, and you can feel it.”
    – Misty Tripolis