Ecstatic Dancing

“If being stuck & frozen is part of someone’s traumatized state,
then movement is the central resource for growth and development.”
– Oliver Schubbe

What is Ecstatic Dancing/Integration Dancing?

Ecstatic Dancing is a conscious dance practice, inspiring you to free flow dance to the song of your own soul and the music that’s been carefully crafted by the Ecstatic Dance DJ, taking you through 6 waves.

It is about the experience of how it feels to dance from a place of living inside of your body compared to looking at yourself from an outside perspective and judging yourself, your moves, your dancing, your life.

The dance journey is designed to:

  • Deepen body awareness
  • Encourage individualistic self expression
  • Deepen connection with your authentic self
  • Dance as a form of self care
  • Unite mind, feelings & body
  • Rediscover your passion for movement
  • Dance out of trauma into a new sense of ease and grace
  • Make the body a safe place again
  • Dance yourself into the present moment
  • Allow spontaneous creativity of the body
  • Increase your joy for life
  • Allow sensuality
  • The range of music played by an Ecstatic Dance DJ is quite wide ranging from 85 beats per minute to 145 bpm, down to 75 bpm again during a whole dance set. Also the different songs include music from different genres like Base, House, Tribal, Funk, Instrumental, Ethnic Music, Ancestral, Ambient, World Music, Medicine Music, Shamanic Sounds, Nature Sounds etc…AND last but not least, a good Ecstatic Dance DJ creates the below dance journey across 6 waves:

  • Wave 1: Arrival & graceful music to ground everyone in the space
  • Wave 2: Playful & thriving music to get energies going
  • Wave 3: Chaotic, orgasmic, wild, soaring, for cathartic release
  • Wave 4: Cruise, steady, unwavering, recharge music
  • Wave 5: Nostalgic, lyrical from peak into heart music
  • Wave 6: Integration, stillness, wholeness, meditation

    This conscious dance practice is not about “getting anywhere” but instead about “feeling and experiencing” yourself in the dance.

    Your online dancefloor
    to support your self-expression & self-realisation.
    Dance to the rhythm of your soul!

    How did Ecstatic Dancing get born?

    I have attended many Ecstatic Dance & 5 Rhythm Dance classes in London and even hosted my own Dancewalking Meet Up group to unite dancers to free style dance publicly through parts of London together.

    For many years I wanted to create my own Conscious dance practice covering various topics that come up during self realisation and integrate them during the dance.

    In 2020 I AM Dancing on Patreon got born where I started to create dance videos frequently to allow dancers all over the world to integrate various topics during the dance, offering a guided facilitation during the dance. In 2021 I attended an Ecstatic Dance DJ Training course with the Wakamaia School of Sacred Fun and certified as DJ and Facilitator of Ecstatic Dance events, adding even more exciting elements like breath work, toning and cool music mixes & sound effects to my dance journeys.

    What are the benefits of dancing?

  • Dancing is a form of self love, self care & embodiment
  • It is about learning to trust in the authority of your own body experience
  • Practice Intuitive Self Care through free style dancing
  • Dance is about connecting you to who you are
  • Your dance moves are a language of your feelings at a particular moment in time
  • Allow yourself to experience mental wellbeing through dance
  • Through dance, you can convey emotions and narrate stories with your body
  • Dance without restrictions and limitations, truly feeling, experiencing, and embodying the art of dance


    Thank you SO MUCH! I’d love to do another session. I enjoyed it SO much. And I really appreciate the work that went into selecting the music so that it was at the right tempo for the whole session.
    It felt perfect. Seriously, well done! This is something I can see others enjoying. Love you, xxx
    P.S. And love what you’ve shared about magic. IT’S SO TRUE! And it’s already helped me with my painting. Isn’t it interesting, how loosening up with dance can help you loosen up in other areas of your life and with creativity generally? And… I woke up without a migraine today!

    How can I explore Ecstatic Dancing?

    I am currently offering:

  • Sensual Dance Journeys to dance to from the comfort of your own home
  • Private 60 mins Dance Sessions via Zoom
  • Group 60 mins Dance Sessions via Zoom
  • Sensual Dance Journey – Video of 7 Guided Free Flow Dances

    I’ve put together 7 dance journeys of mine to create a sensual & beautiful dance package for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

    The Sensual Dance Package consists of 205 mins of guided free flow dancing to the price of GBP 90.

    It is the perfect package for sensual dance lovers who enjoy dancing to the song of their soul, from the comfort of their own home. No prior dance experience is needed to participate. Use dance as a form of integration.

  • Pre Dance Drop In (15 mins)
  • Emotional Release Dance (15 mins)
  • Allowing Sensuality Dance (30 mins)
  • Blindfolded Dance Journey into the oneness of you (50 mins)
  • Dance with the Senses (35 mins)
  • The Yes & No Dance (30 mins)
  • Dance into your New Life (30 mins)

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  • Private Ecstatic Dance Session via Zoom

    What would it be like to start or end your day with dance?

    We start with gentle and compassionate breathing, followed by an hour of sensual dancing where I am guiding you through 6 waves from arrival, build up, chaos, cruise, nostalgy, integration & stillness, creating a dance journey across different genres from Base, House, Tribal, Funk and Instrumental.

    Enter the everyday dance being connected to yourself.

    Simple and profound. Show up & Dance!

    Cost: GBP 44 per class/per person

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