Integration Dance

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“Great dancers are not great because of their technique,
they are great because of their passion.” – Martha Graham

Integration Dance also called Ecstatic Dance is a Conscious Dance Practice allowing you to:

  • Deepen body awareness
  • Encourage individualistic self expression
  • Deepen connection with your authentic self
  • Dance as a form of self care
  • Unite mind, feelings & body
  • Rediscover your passion for movement
  • Dance out of trauma into a new sense of ease and grace
  • Make the body a safe place again
  • Dance yourself in the present moment
  • Allow spontaneous creativity of the body and life
  • Increase your joy for life
  • What if instead of expressing yourself through words all the time, you express yourself through dance?

    What if you could weave an energetic tapestry through dancing?

    What if you could perfectly dance in harmony to the song of your soul and to the music that’s playing?

    This conscious dance practice is not performance-based but instead perception-oriented.

    It is not about “getting anywhere” but instead about “feeling and experiencing” yourself in the dance.

  • Consciously explore yourself through dance
  • Enjoy freedom of individual movement and play
  • Find your own movement and own breath of life
  • Everything is accepted into the dance
  • Access a deeper sense of yourself
  • Get out of the head and into the body and your intuition
  • Have space for yourself to feel everything that you need to feel
  • Move through anything that might have gotten stuck
  • Dance to express yourself as a way of life
  • “If being stuck & frozen is part of someone’s traumatized state,
    then movement is the central resource for growth and development.” – Oliver Schubbe

    It’s about showing up being vulnerable, with our traumas, with our hurt aspects, with all of who we are at this point in time and integrating aspects while dancing.

    It’s about integrating mind & soul into the body. It’s about creating your own flow of life.

    What if dance could be your new outlet to allow you to grow, regenerate, heal, learn and get creative again?

    Think of your dance as your unique expression of your soul, who you are in that moment in time.

    AND did you know that dancing can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer! There you go, a nice side effect! Dancing integrates several brain functions at once — kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional — further increasing your neural connectivity.

    “We were born to dance!
    There is no right way or wrong way, just your own dance.
    Don’t copy people, don’t follow people, let your body dance & move the way it wants to.”

    “When you’re creative with your body, you tap into your own authenticity. Your inner world gets a little bit louder and you sense it more when you dance. When you get moving there’s something there, and you can feel it.”