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Aspect Integration

Together we look at unconscious aspects to help you become more conscious of your creations again. Aspects with their agendas and stuck energies can clog up the natural process of creativity and creation. If you’re not conscious of what you’re doing, the aspects are in the driving seat because (you) the boss went offline. Every aspect has a purpose until they are ready to come home and integrate into the wholeness of you, when you are ready to take full responsibility for your own house.

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Energy Awareness

As an Energy Awareness Guide we look at your energy quotient together together to identify energy leaks ie stuck energy that isn’t allowed to free flow or isn’t allowed to be directed towards making your manifestations, a reality. We look at some of the energy drainers in your life to allow you to consciously create a life of your choosing. We look at what’s slowing you down and blocking you up energetically.

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Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment is the art of fully entering your body and communing with all of the internal sensations, emotions and energies that exist there. Dropping into your full body of consciousness, body, mind and spirit. Opening, feeling, experiencing and embracing all of you. It is a communion, intimacy on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Coming into a communion with your body. It is about dialling up the volume, hearing more of what’s going on within us. Bringing awareness out of the external world, into our self. As you open up to become sensitive, you are then free to bring all those resources to the way we show up in the world. It is a way of operating with the body. Discover your infinite depth!

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Conscious Relationships

In a world that is constantly changing, the way we connect, date and relate is changing too. All sorts of different relationship forms exist out there. From monogamy to polyamory, from explorative and fluid relationship to cuddle or sex buddies. Do you know what type of relationship you like to attract and do you know how to consciously create it? Would you like to have an emotional, physical and spiritual connection with your partner? Would you like to create a conscious relationship where both partners are interested in supporting each other to reach their highest potential and live in abundance? Find out more just how to create a conscious relationship.

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