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New Energy Psychology for people going
through self realization, embodiment &
who want to live an authentic life.

“As many sub-personalities and absence states as there are, there is only one body. Experiencing the body as reliable and resourceful makes it the point of reference, the center of events and the center of integration of dysfunctionally stored memories, the associated ego states or sub-personalities developed from them.” – Romana Tripolt

Do you have days of forgetting who you are, where your aspects (roles on auto pilot) run the show? Where you feel confused, can’t make a decision, lack clarity and listen to thoughts that are really not yours? Where you hear negative voices, have fear in your head and believe that’s you?

Aspects with their agendas and stuck energies can clog up the natural process of creativity and creation. If a being forgets who they are, they start to create aspects like a manufacturing process, like a cookie-cutter, not being conscious of what they’re doing.
If you’re not conscious of what you’re doing, the aspects are not conscious of you the Creator!

“Think of your body as a car. You’re driving your car. You’re in the front seat, you’re doing your thing. Driving your body. Imagine someone takes you out and throws you in the backseat. Now they’re driving, you’re in the backseat. You can fight for control of the car/the body, you might not always win the fight. You can see what’s happening, you can hear what’s happening. You can still see, are co-conscious. Let’s say someone stuck a bag over your head and throws you in the backseat. Now you can’t see where the body is or where the car is going. You can’t see what’s happening. You can hear though. Imagine it like a wall that has been placed in front of your eyes. That’s another way of being co-conscious but you can’t see.” – Encina Severa (Multiple Aspect Personality)

Are there unhelpful repeating patterns in your life? Does your success seem prone to sabotage? Do you struggle with emotional imbalances, hamster-wheel thoughts, and even physical challenges? Expressions of yourself, called aspects, often get stuck in difficult energies and patterns, bringing unnecessary hardship to your life.

It’s time to come home,
time to come back to yourself!

Traditional psychology has an unwritten belief that something is broken at the core of the person and must be fixed. New Energy Psychology knows that at the soul level there is total perfection. It is natural for any creator being to creator actors of itself, to create aspects that will serve it. It is natural for all aspects to return back home. In this beautiful dynamic process, the soul remains pure and clear while the aspects might be wounded & get lost. The soul remains pure regardless of how imbalanced you think you are, how distorted your aspects get.

What emerges is a wiser and more enlightened human, a human who is no longer afraid of themselves of their actions and thoughts but understands that aspects can be consciously created and consciously reintegrated all of the time. It creates a natural type of flow, constant creation of aspects to serve you, and a re-invitation to come back. It eliminates those crazy thoughts, constant judgment upon yourself. The mind quiets down. The mind realises at this point, that it doesn’t have to control everything. The identity in this lifetime quiets down and the fear seems to go away, a new trust in the deepest parts of yourself is re-established and you live each moment in a balanced and integrated relationship with yourself. In a trust that you haven’t felt in eons of time. It is a brilliant example of the creator abilities you have.

You have forgotten who is creating.

The minute you start thinking your aspects have control, you give this crazy group the control over you. It’s a great game. At any point what a creator has created, can be uncreated or recreated in any way the creator wants. You don’t like something, you feel intimidated by it, disempowered by it, you are the creator you step forward and accept that. If you don’t want to take responsibility then the aspects will stay in a crazy place. That is okay, but just remember you are creating.

The joy of Aspect Integration is when you create and recreate yourself again and again, that’s the joy, that’s the passion.

I use a 4 steps approach during the Aspect Integration Sessions:

  • Awareness
  • Compassion & Safe Space
  • Understanding that every aspect serves a purpose
  • Acceptance

There is tremendous amount of responsibility from you the Creator as the aspects are asking you where do we go boss. They are looking for integration.

If you’re in deep trouble, going through an intense crisis, would you go to someone who used holy water or anything else other than truth. Your aspects want you to be truthful.

Don’t sugar coat your aspects.
Don’t use conditional love or manipulation!

Humans get stuck in misalignment and then they create aspects to get them unstuck and then these aspects make things even more confusing.

Aspects are just “your stories”.
Over 90% of what you feel is not yours!

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