Conscious Sex & Intimacy

The Art of Conscious & Connected Sex

Conscious sex is about physical pleasure, emotional connection, a sense of timelessness, unification of body, mind, and spirit, and a loss of self.

It is the death of the ego, because in that moment, you are no longer focused on “I.” Think of your sexual encounters as mini-enlightenment experiences. These glimpses of loving awareness give us an idea of how it feels to be fully embodied.

Consider sex with your partner a spiritual practice, rather than a physical interaction. It’s when you should feel most connected to your partner, and it’s the most effective way of expressing feelings when no words are needed.

If you are spending too much time in your head fretting about the future or lamenting the past, sex puts you back into the body and the present moment — where nothing is wrong. It also reminds you that bliss is found right here in this lifetime and in this human form.

Sex is not something you need to provide to others or choose to have for your own benefit. It is about intimacy and connection from having sex with someone you care about. Sex is also about reconnecting with yourself, your divine self.

With intention, sex is not just a physical activity, it’s a spiritual practice, a sacred ritual. It allows us to experience the beauty and pleasure of life.

Conscious sex can be a path to establish intimacy with another, reintegrate mind, body, and spirit, and get closer to the divine.

Our sexual energy should be used wisely and lovingly. If we consistently squander it or engage with people who don’t have our best interest in mind, we’ll feel depleted and crummy. Just like if we always spend money on things we don’t need, we’ll be broke. However, when we use sex wisely, we create an energy that helps to strengthen our life force and connection with another. When we have conscious sex, we come together with another person to not only experience pleasure but to practice connection, devotion, and presence.

Are you ready to merge with another human? Are you comfortable with your partner to communicate your desires and needs, as well as hear their desires?

Are you committed to making this a pleasurable experience for your partner? Is your partner dedicated to making this a pleasurable experience for you?

Rather than focusing on achieving orgasm, can you focus on giving and receiving pleasure with presence? Experiment with touches. Communicate with your partner about what turns you on. Look into each other’s eyes. If your mind starts to wander to kids, work, or bills, gently bring the focus back to the body. While experiencing pleasure in a particular spot in the body, see if you can grow it throughout your body.

What are your motives? Are they the same as your partner’s?
Motives between partners need to be aligned. If one person is engaging for the fun of it and the other is engaging because they’re hoping it will lead to something more, there will be some suffering.

For many, sex leads to attachment that doesn’t disappear once the act is complete. As conscious individuals, we don’t want to cause unnecessary harm. While we can’t control other’s feelings, we can be clear on our intentions and give the space for others to voice their feelings.

How would you like this encounter to end? Do you and your partner share the same expectations for how this will wrap up?

When we engage in conscious sex, we get the opportunity to reconnect with our body, mind, and spirit. We create a connection with another that builds trust and intimacy, and lastly, we get closer to the divine. This helps to raise our energy, elevate our mood, and give us a more positive outlook on life.


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