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“Energy is neutral, it gets activated by pure consciousness,
by the passion of the soul to experience itself.”

During the energy awareness sessions, we look at your “energy quotient” together and assess and create awareness around how you spend and focus your energy and look at energy leaks.

We look at some of the energy drainers in your life to allow you to consciously create a life of your choosing. We look at what’s slowing you down and blocking you up energetically.

We investigate your thoughts that put out an energy pattern, an energetic frequency. We look at how you are limiting energy from coming in, where it gets stuck and doesn’t flow outward.

There is plenty of energy to go around and you have all the energy you need within you. Your internal battery recharges itself.  You do not need to steal energy from others and no one can take energy from you unless you allow it. Learn how to make a conscious choice to stop the energy feeding process.

Together we become energy detectives &
develop a new sense for energy.

Allow more compassion, honor and respect for yourself into your life!

Drama is to the human condition what sugar is to your body.

Drama is to your psyche what sugar would be to your biology.
It’s a kick, it’s a high, it’s a distraction, and it’s generally false.

Signs of Energy Feeding:

  • Feeling tired and drained around them afterwards
  • If you’re feeling cold in their presence
  • Do things that you’re manipulated into
  • Overwhelming sense of obligation – you have to take care of others
  • Feel confused, disorientated, feel trapped and in a fog

How much time do you spend on being sensual
or create and manifest your dreams?

Let’s look at what’s feeding off of you? Who or what is stealing your energy in daily life? What’s energetically draining you? And who might you be stealing energy from?

Humans love to blame others and they love to beat up themselves. People insist they are a victim of something or someone else. However once you become aware of the underlying dynamics of energy feeding and stealing, you will more consciously choose how to respond and engage with the people & demands around you. Going beyond stories and victim & abuse cycles.

A victim creates more crap and hardship.
A person who chooses to be free
of things that are not theirs,
steps into their own sovereignty.

Learn tools that allow you to come back to yourself, feed and replenish yourself from the inside instead of drawing energies from the outside. Become your own energy provider.

Develop a zero tolerance to energy feeding! Make a conscious choice to stop the feeding cycle and the hunger games.

Self Love and Compassion is about the total acceptance of yourself, everything that you do and everything that you are! You don’t need to take anything from the world! Without drama you don’t have that infusion of energy – sugary, false high energy – that’s going to distract you. You’re not going to have that reminder that you’re alive.

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I offer a 30 minute discover call to get to know each other before you can book this 1:1 session. The 1 hour session is priced at 80 Euros, is held via Zoom and is tailor-made to your needs. It might involve me asking you more questions via e-mail prior to our chat to ensure I have all the information to answer you in a focused manner.

Schedule now for a free 30 minute Discovery Call to get to know each other and find out if we want to work together.
After the session, you will receive an e-mail with payment instructions to book your full 1:1 session. Choose from the below areas to find out more.

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