Lloyd Roger Spencer

Daniela has taken the step to walk away from her “Nine to Five” job in 2019 and she started doing her own thing. I’ve seen how this was not an easy step for her to make, yet here she is, leaping into the unknown. I’m immensely proud of her because I’ve seen first-hand just what it has taken for her to make the leap. I have also seen over the last five years how Daniela has been naturally holding space for others via conversations in person, online chats and video calls, allowing people to take a fresh perspective at their current life circumstances.

There’s even been people Daniela has never met in person reaching out on Facebook looking to have a conversation.

So, it really does seem like the perfect time for her to explore offering services that are not about “processing or analysing” or applying forceful “powerhouse” life coaching but hold a balanced and judgement free space for people to allow their own wisdom to shine, just the thing she’s been doing naturally for years.