My boyfriend Lloyd and I are certified New Consciousness Teachers with the Crimson Circle, a global affiliation of New Energy spiritual teachers and facilitators which purpose it is to inspire human and spiritual consciousness around the world. The Crimson Circle offers 9 Advanced Studies Courses which are facilitated by New Energy Facilitators all over the world. Daniela and Lloyd are certified teachers in 3 of the 9 classes: 

Sexual Energy School

Aspectology School

Dreamwalker Death School

Most of the workshops are about 3 days long and take place either in London, UK or Baden, Austria near Vienna. During those 3 days you will see and hear Tobias or Adamus St. Germain of the Crimson Council being channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe via DVD’s and Daniela and/or Lloyd will lead the discussions and activities. A safe, loving space will enfold you.

For many people the workshops are truly a life-changing experience.

For more information on the workshops and how to register, check out the tabs underneath each workshop description. 

If you like to attend any of the 3 workshops in either London or Vienna and you don't currently see any upcoming dates published on our website, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us Page and we can schedule a date in for you. We're happy to facilitate classes from 1 up to 4 people per class.

Aspectology School

Spiritual Guidance for Emotional Healing -
Integrate Denied, Lost & Confused Aspects of Yourself

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Aspectology™ is a three-day course offered by the Crimson Circle to help people understand how they create aspects of themselves to experience and manage life. An aspect can include the part of a person that is a parent, a business-person, a metaphysician or a healer. Every past lifetime is also an aspect, and has created countless sub-aspects of itself as well. People have aspects that have refined their talents in writing, music or art. They have an aspect that has learned to drive a car and one that has learned to work on a computer.

Your aspects are all rays of your Creator Self, through which it can experience life and expand its consciousness. This Creator Self always remains pure and whole, no matter what experiences the aspects may have. Aspects are generally healthy and balanced expressions of the Self, created for a specific task or purpose. But many times the aspects can become fragmented or wounded. They drift away from the Creator Self and can cause imbalances in everyday life.

For instance, a person might have an aspect from their childhood that was physically abused. That wounded aspect becomes fragmented or disassociated, because it was wounded and/or rejected. In the worst cases of fragmented aspects, the person will develop something called Multiple Personality Disorder. This is where the aspects are trying to control the human, and the human doesn’t even recognize the various aspects that are running the show. The wounded or fragmented aspects are like psychic ghosts from our past that can haunt our Now. They consume a great deal of energy and crave attention, causing the person to lose clarity and purpose.

Typical examples of how wounded aspects are created include a traumatized past life, a difficult divorce, a serious physical injury or illness, a bad experience at school, guilt from harming another person, and distorted sexual energies.

However, when an aspect is consciously integrated back into the creator being, no longer judged or kept separate, it becomes a facet, a beautiful expression of the Self. As a fully integrated or “faceted” being, life becomes a joyful and creative expression of the realized Self.

Aspectology is called the New Energy psychology, because, unlike traditional psychotherapy, it does not focus on processing and it goes far beyond this lifetime. In the Aspectology course, attendees learn how aspects are created, how they become separated, how they can be reintegrated and the stuck energy reclaimed. They learn how to create the “safe space” in their lives that invites every part of them back without processing, counseling, drugs or lengthy, expensive therapies. And they learn how to create new facets of the Self to experience creation and realization. People who have taken the three-day Aspectology school report that within the first several weeks following the course they sense a lot of psychic activity around them from their aspects. Sometimes, this activity can be very challenging, but using the simple tools of Aspectology, they feel their aspects reintegrating back within. This provides a tremendous sense of relief and wholeness.

Aspectology is based on the materials channeled by Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe, and is taught in multiple languages by certified Aspectology teachers around the world.

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More Information on the "Creation of Aspects" +

An aspect is created because the human does not have the skills, the wisdom, the ability to cope with life. When we are a child, starting out on this adventure being a human, life seems so daunting, so big, too big too deal with. Out of loving compassion, your soul says we wrap that experience up in a package and put it into the refrigerator of life and save it for later. When you are older and wiser, we will then awaken that piece, we'll look at that situation and learn to integrate it. I'll let you get on with life in the meantime, enjoy your experiences until you are ready to integrate the wisdom of these events. We then have the fullness, the wisdom of these experiences a little later. The integration of your aspects then sets you free to be the true authentic you. So we really do have the love of our soul, who says we will put that away for now and we'll deal with it later. It's one of the most compassionate gifts from our soul so that we can launch into the experience of becoming a human first. The soul then realises, oh this human is now ready to integrate the wisdom of their experience and then the fun really begins. A key aspect that runs our life often are the beliefs that we have adopted from our family, school, society. Without realising they became a belief, not a fact. Those belief aspects stay hidden in the mind, therefore we keep believing all these things society told me. Beliefs can come from this lifetime, from previous's stunning how we carry them from lifetime to lifetime, keeping us limited, keeping us shut down. That's the gift of this lifetime, our soul and other masters and teachers help hold the energy in this lifetime, it is like the ultimate housecleaning life time. That we have this loving support for integration, healing of old wounds, old beliefs, old fears and old we can begin to live more fully with the soul consciousness that has been waiting for us to be free from old old fears. Now you say, but I have this aspect who runs my life. I really can't do, I can't create, I can't have a partner, I just can't, can't, can' you're telling me the fear of your mind is far more powerful than the soul vibration, then the God force that you're truly are? Look how much you want to stay in hiding, stay child like, stay this victim who has no choice. Is that what you really want to say, is that what you want me to know about you that you're a helpless victim? People like to have their beliefs in hiding places. How do I welcome these Aspects? If I am willing and ready, ready to take some deep breaths, the soul of me, the compassion of me, will then come up to embrace, really, truly, feeling the compassion of our soul, that says "You are so wonderful, I waited for you so long. I'm so thrilled you came. I'm thrilled you're here so that I can love you and invite you to come with me, so safe beyond anything ever imagined." Remember the soul that you are, has a compassionate level beyond anything mind can comprehend, so let's invite this frightened part, to receive fully this quality of love, this quality of acceptance, this quality of peace, warmth and healing. The mind cannot do that, the soul will not judge, the mind will. About Dark and Destructive Aspects? Why are those darker aspects there? That's what aspects are, all of those fears, belief, anger. Anger left over from a past life, anger experienced in this life, will become so destructive. Our own anger can build and become so destructive that you, that adult, you are the parent that the aspects is so in rage with and it wants to destroy you. It is stunning, how self anger has no awareness that it's fully angry itself. It's often anger at anyone that looks like a leadership, a voice that's wanting to apply a rule. Rage becomes an energy...but that gives me power. They have not the awareness that that kind of power, secretes a toxin that is so poisonous and so destructive to your own physical body. They come to put a wall, a black rage that blocks dealing with new ways of behaving. Dark energies, guess what you're dealing with yourself. We have the ability thanks to our mind to think how life should be and how everything should work the way we want, all of that child anger begins building that destructive force. Children will smash toys, smash brothers and sisters. Anger knows no boundaries. It is the willingness and the understanding that I am the creator of that rage and that I also have the ability to transform, integrate and discover through soul, compassion. We do it one breath at a time. One bite at a time. One breath at a time. You can not dialogue with it, it will lie to you, it will manipulate you. We bring our pain, we have the gift, we have this vibration at earth at this time, to help us heal. Do aspects cause physical injury and can we heal? Remember rage held by an aspect, is a great way to say that I had an accident. Oh it wasn't me, it was my aspect. What we've discovered is, pain, rageful aspects are blindly driving you to hurt yourself. The more we do this integration, we learn about how and why we do this so we can turn it around. Learn how to fall in love with you. Choosing self love and focusing on that theme, allows aspects to feel the new vibration in your body. As they feel it, they are safe to integrate so much easier. At last I found my leader, my person that I can depend on. Staying constantly loving. What is the purpose of the integration of our aspects? To set us free from being robots, so we live a life outside of fear. Life has been a difficult journey evolving from very cruel experiences and as we have evolved, making new choices. So it was as I say holding old pains, old fears until we awakened to the truth that I am connected to my soul and my soul and I together through this compassionate love can have healing. When we get healing, we get the wisdom of what that experience was truly about. It isn't about doing something once, it is about compassion. I will love you forever, not when you're fixed, changed, doing it right. It has been a courageous journey to live in a body as a human. We are being so supported that we can make these choices because I'm learning to love me. ***** Whilst traditional psychology usually approaches a person purely from the mind, trying to process, analyse a person through therapy. Going back into the past, looking at what happened that caused trauma, find out who caused that trauma and then trying to fix that person. New Energy Psychology (Aspectology) approaches a person from the soul. There is the understanding that a person's soul is always well, it's only aspects of a person that got lost, fragmented, confused and need reintegrating. During the Aspectology School we learn about aspects, how each and every one of us creates aspects to experience itself here on earth. Sometimes those aspects get lost due to severe trauma which could have been during our childhood or later on through life in relationships with other people or situations like divorce, death or abuse. Our Aspects then basically take over our life unconsciously because "we literally left ourselves" due to those traumatic events. These events were so painful that basically we handed our responsibility over to those aspects, they were protecting us from us having to face the world. We no longer felt safe in ourselves so our soul basically said I'll deal with those traumatic events until you are ready to look at them and understand the purpose, integrate your wisdom from the event and take your full self responsibility back again. Usually aspects are balanced, they carry out a job for us like being a mum, driving a car, being a writer, being a husband. Your body is an aspect, your biology as well as your past lifetimes. You will learn about light, grey and dark aspects and how they show up in our life. When there is trauma in our life, our grey and dark aspects start take over the show. Whenever you have a situation in your life that you don't want, understand that it's serving a purpose. Once you understand the purpose, you can integrate the wisdom and this situation/aspects no longer have to unconsciously run your life. Find out the purpose of your aspects so that you can integrate them and they no longer have to unconsciously run your life in the form of trauma, abuse, depression, mental disorders, multiple personalities. Bring your wounded parts home to your soul, by creating a safe space within yourself and learning to understand the purpose of those wounded aspects. As well as learn how to create aspects to consciously create your life in an easy and simple way.

Sexual Energy School

Healing Victim & Abuse Cycles -
Create New Energy Relationships

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This powerful three-day workshop focuses on physical, psychological, psychic and sexual abuse and is appropriate for:

  • Anyone whose life has been affected by abuse;
  • Professional facilitators who work with these issues;
  • Anyone who wishes to understand inter-personal energy dynamics from a New Energy perspective.

You will receive the tools to transform and release old energy patterns of self-abuse, energy feeding and stealing (whether to or from others), lack of self-love, power games and so much more. Presented by Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain, the energies are also supported by Archangel Raphael, Kwan Yin and Mary Magdalene.

This workshop experience includes video presentations of channeled sessions with Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain of The Crimson Council through Geoffrey Hoppe, assisted by Linda Benyo Hoppe, as well as activities and discussions facilitated by certified teachers.

The process of energy stealing is compared to the workings of a “virus,” (in this case a "sexual energy virus") and is something that affects all of us. The key to healing this “virus” lies in the balancing of our masculine and feminine energies and the love of Self. Imbalances between these archetypical energies is what causes the problems not only in personal lives, but also in families, companies, schools, religious organizations and government.

During the workshop you will hear the spiritual history of how the “virus” came about and how it is manifesting itself in your daily life.  And, through several intense personal exercises you will gain a deep understanding of the dynamics of energy stealing. The workshop will also offer you tools to rebalance your energies and help you remove the “virus” from your life.

Free Channeled Info from Tobias here:

More Information on "What is Abuse & Why Abuse" +

Why Abuse?

Any form of Abuse is a type of energy stealing, meaning that one person doesn't believe they are "complete unto themselves" and need to steal energy from the other. They seek energy and attention outside of themselves. The abuser hasn't yet realised their wholeness and doesn't understand that they have all the energy they need within themselves. There is an unlimited amount of energy available to all of us and energy simply gets activated by our consciousness. We are consciousness/awareness, we are not energy and simply use energy to create our experiences here on earth. Since most people don't have this awareness, they need to harm another person, get another persons attention in order to feel better about themselves instead of giving themselves what they need and being the source of bringing their own energy in. They need outside energy stimulus whether through another person or things like food, alcohol, sex, drugs...etc.

The victim and abuse cycle starts when one person in the relationship becomes the victim and the other person becomes the abuser. The abuser is like an energy vampire sucking the energy out of the victim through emotional, physical, psychic or spiritual abuse. The victim usually also feeding off the energy of the abuser, they too get attention, even if negative attention. There are a lot of abusive relationships and even if the victim is getting abused, they still stay in the relationship. Everything serves a purpose until one chooses it doesn't anymore and stops the cycle.

Every victim is also an abuser

Sooner or later the victim needs to take their energy back to feel "whole" again, so they too become an abuser. Looking at those victim & abuse patterns from a spiritual point of view, they go way back to the beginning of time before we were even in physical form. We all have done energy stealing in one form or another, it's not about blaming each other, it's about creating awareness and stop the cycle once and for all in ourselves first.

We talk about the spiritual history of the "sexual abuse virus" in our Sexual Energy School workshops, however to give you a little insight, it has to do with the original imbalance of the masculine & feminine energy.

The Original Imbalance of Masculine & Feminine Energy

Long time ago, there was just oneness, the all that was, which wanted to experience itself, asked itself "Who am I" and created a mirror image of itself, this was the original split into masculine and feminine energy. This way you could always experience yourself, have a mirror image of yourself on this journey called Earth.

The masculine and feminine energy in their greatest love for each other, created children (us). Each child with their own soul and their own feminine and masculine energy. Those children went off and did what children do, they went off and started wars, took energy from each other, each wanting to know  the secret of how to get "Home" to the original creator energy. Each thinking the other child knows the way home, thinking that the other child knows something that they don't know.

The feminine energy looked at all the wars, all the fighting that her children did and felt she hadn't done a good job. Creation was almost at a halt as nothing was expanding anymore and everyone was stealing energy from the other. So Isis the feminine energy said to the masculine energy (Adam), I surrender to you, for I haven't done my job well. I've created all those children and they are misbehaving. I hand my power over to you, so you can take responsibility from now on. Out of the greatest love for the feminine energy (Isis), the masculine energy being the supportive energy took on the responsibility. This created the original wound, the original imbalance in creation. Now slowly the feminine energy is taking her power back with the masculine energy being slightly suspicious if the feminine energy is ready. This is what we call the Wound of Isis, the wound of the feminine energy surrendering to the masculine. There is also a Wound of Adam, Adam having to take on the responsibility of Isis, having felt more powerful for a while and now having to give back the responsibility again, giving back his power that made him feel like a ruler over the feminine.

You can see these pattern still today, women handing their power over to men, specific races getting discriminated, people handing their power over to leaders in churches, politics, spirituality. Remember it's not gender specific as we all have masculine and feminine energy within us. Mothers not feelings they're doing a good enough job with raising their children. Churches molesting children, sexual abuse inside the family.

The Sexual Energy Virus

We call this imbalance in the masculine & feminine energy a "Sexual Energy Virus". We understand that every virus has a purpose, just like a flu has a purpose to get rid of toxins in the body and bring you back to balance, the Sexual Energy virus ultimately wants to integrate the masculine and feminine energy within you for you to feel whole and complete again, for you to "be home", be the center of yourself. A virus can only exist if there is an imbalance in the body.

The Sexual Energy Virus has a form of shape shifting itself, once it shows up as sugar coated love, then as an ugly bug and anger and hate. The virus loves lies and loves anything but the truth. It doesn't like being exposed. You might have noticed those patterns in yourself when you behave like a "sweet girl/boy" in order to get something from someone, being seductive and trying to sweet talk another person, manipulating them. If you don't get what you want you turn into an angry child. That's the virus having a tamper tantrum and wanting energy/attention. The virus feeds off your energy, it needs you to stay alive.

We talk about how to cure this virus and bring back the masculine and feminine energy within you again in the Sexual Energy School to once and for all stop these victim and abuse patterns within ourselves and stop passing on this abuse virus to family, friends, colleagues...and people we connect. The virus sucks the joy out of your life, has you constantly feel like a victim, not in control of your life, makes you feel that things always happen to you and you are at the effect of it.

Like Tobias from the Crimson Circle says: "There is not a human on earth who has not been touched by external and/or internal abuse of some kind. Learn how to release the Sexual Energy Virus in your life and stop victim and abuse cycles. When one person clears this virus, it changes the future...because the future is the past healed."

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Dreamwalker Death School

Death Care or Death Hospice -
A New Way to Deal With The End of Life

Detailed Class Information +

The funeral service traditionally marks the end of your journey on Earth. However, it is also the beginning of a new journey, as your spirit lives on in the non-physical realms. What happens in these realms depends on your beliefs and levels of awareness.

When it comes to dying, religions, and even New Age sources of information, do not always provide convincing or satisfying answers to practical questions, and many times people who are dying are left on their own. Consequently, for too many people dying is a lonely and fearful process.

In this three-day workshop detailed information is provided about what happens before, during and after you transition. By the end of the workshop you will have a completely new and different view of death as well as life.

The workshop also allows you to become a DreamWalker facilitator. DreamWalkers provide comfort to loved ones or clients, help them to gently go through the death transition process, and guide them through the non-physical realms.

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