The difference between aspects & facets

A facet is a part of yourself which you are very conscious of. You are aware which facet is creating, it’s done on a conscious level. A facet is a part of you that is integrated, a part of you which you are deliberately projecting, choosing to express. A facet is an act of conscious consciousness. It’s not unconscious. It’s not because of a circumstance, you are deliberately bringing forth a facet. It’s done from the core, playfully and consciously.

Aspects are relatively unique to humans because of the unique nature of the journey that you are on and the deep dive into the human experience, forgetting who you are and believing in limitation. Every incarnation is also just an aspect. Humans go into layers and layers of aspects of themselves. Aspects usually disguise themselves as something outside of you and then people usually start battling them.

Aspects are an extension of you, in service to you if its a clear aspect. Go back into the process of consciously creating aspects without limitation and control.

Some of the stuck aspects are:

-Wounded Child
-Past Lives
-Future Aspects
-Aspect that hurt others, feelings of guilt and shame
-Mission aspect
-Aspect that doesn’t allow success and denial of joy
-Religious vows and prayers, contracts

An integrated being knows the energy is all theirs and they can now let energy serve them consciously. They create openly, without limitation, what will be, will be. They have total freedom.

Clear Aspects = Energy serving you
Grey Aspects = Stuck energy, conflicting energy (belief systems & patterns)
Dark Aspects = Disassociated parts of yourself, things you loathe and hide about yourself

Aspect is a ray of consciousness drawing energy to you, for the sake of creatorship. Do you realise how boring would it be to just be singular. Spiritual people just try to take one level of consciousness and perfect it, it is not about that….it is the many! It is about living in the AND.

Aspects occupy a tremendous amount of your focus, attention and energy. Grey aspect really tire you out physically and mentally. Grey aspects occupy a large part of your consciousness and thoughts and attention without a lot of resolution.

Aspect Integration is a fascinating study from a meta physical, psychological, theoretical standpoint. If you can imagine a prisoner. In their consciousness, they are closed in, they don’t understand why things have happened, why they react, they don’t understand why they ended up in prison. They have a very stuck aspect and with everyday simple terminology, one can help them understand how they have created fragments and pieces of themselves that put them in prison.

Aspect Integration helps everyone to understand how they have gotten where they are.

You are only what you choose in this now moment.

Aspects only come home if the body is a safe place, if the mind is a safe place and you are conscious, aware and allowing. If you are in full compassion with yourself.

When you have an identity crisis. It is really an aspect crisis. It is more confusing when you are not conscious of when those aspects were created, when they were created. When you are not acknowledging yourself from the I AM or human point, when you are constantly battling, questioning who you are, not acknowledging that you are the I AM, these aspects don’t get the acknowledgement.

Then these aspects will act up and will get your attention. If they can’t get it from other aspects, they will get it from other people and if they cant get that, they will create their own aspects.

Accepting those aspects, is accepting their burden, you don’t have to accept their anger and their confusion, lack of self confidence and self worth.

Everything starts realigning, changing and starts cleaning itself up for the next version of you!

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