Ecstatic Dance

“If being stuck & frozen is part of someone’s traumatized state,
then movement is the central resource for growth and development.”
– Oliver Schubbe

What is Ecstatic Dance (Integration Dance/Soul Dance)?
Ecstatic Dancing is a conscious dance practice, inspiring you to free flow dance to the song of your own soul and the music that’s been carefully crafted by the Ecstatic Dance DJ, taking you through 6 waves.

It is about the experience of how it feels to dance from a place of living inside of your body compared to looking at yourself from an outside perspective and judging yourself, your moves, your dancing, your life.

It is a growing art form. It is a place to be yourself. It is a place to find out how your body likes to dance. In Ecstatic Dance we really want to learn to go inside and be with our self, really practising presence. Ecstatic Dance is hard to explain with words, because it’s an experience, it’s a free space. There’s no teacher, there’s no steps. It’s all you. It is an event that is alcohol & substance free.

It is a very sacred space that allows people to feel safe, to feel comfortable, to let down their guard, to let go of inhabitations’ and to express themselves. There is no restriction on who can or cannot come. Anybody can come, everyone is invited if you like dancing, music, community and connection. All different types of people are welcome. Every person is a template of what’s possible. If I hear your story, I also know what’s possible for me. It keeps us excited and to know there is so much more.

Most Ecstatic Dances have a general structure. It begins with a warm up, which gives the body a chance to drop the mind, to start stretching, opening the energy channels, getting grounded into the space and in our bodies. Usually there is a theme for integration to kick off the dance session. After the warm up, we can then dance in an authentic & sincere way with ourselves (and others at an in person dance event).

Near the end of the dance, there is a connection that happens. It is a place for us to grow, it is a time to come back together. It is a place to settle in. A lot of people are in an altered space. One of the most uplifting aspects of the dance is how empowered people feel afterwards. People start realising what they really want to do in live and they follow that direction.

People that like to dance, share a magic connection. Ecstatic Dance is a beautiful way of communing & sharing while moving. Dancing keeps you ageless.

Let’s use dance to inspire each other, blossom and grow.

These are the elements that usually make up an Ecstatic Dance journey:

Conscious Breathing
Guided Intro
Integrate energies
Ecstatic Dancing
Playlist carefully crafted and mixed by myself
taking you across 6 dance waves
Sound Bath for relaxation
Cacao or Tea Ceremony
Sharing Circle

You are invited to journal and write during any of our dance session if anything comes to mind. Occasionally I will also tone together with you and invite you to meet the spirit of your voice, open yourself up to your soul voice, clear yourself from any suppression. I will sometimes invite Painters, Musicians, Artists, Consciousness Movers & Shakers and Tarot Card Readers for collaboration on my events. If you like to collaborate together, please get in touch via the Contact Me Page.

Benefits of Ecstatic Dance

  • Deepen body awareness
  • Encourage individualistic self expression
  • Deepen connection with your authentic self
  • Dance as a form of self care
  • Unite mind, feelings & body
  • Rediscover your passion for movement
  • Dance out of trauma into a new sense of ease and grace
  • Make the body a safe place again
  • Dance yourself into the present moment
  • Allow spontaneous creativity of the body
  • Increase your joy for life
  • Allow sensuality
  • The different music genres
    The range of music played by an Ecstatic Dance DJ is quite wide ranging from 85 beats per minute to 145 bpm, down to 75 bpm again during a whole dance set. Also the different songs include music from different genres like Base, House, Tribal, Funk, Instrumental, Ethnic Music, Ancestral, Ambient, World Music, Medicine Music, Shamanic Sounds, Nature Sounds etc…AND last but not least, a good Ecstatic Dance DJ creates a dance journey taking you across 6 dance waves:

    The 6 waves of Ecstatic Dance

  • Wave 1: Arrival & graceful music to ground everyone in the space
  • Wave 2: Playful & thriving music to get energies going
  • Wave 3: Chaotic, orgasmic, wild, soaring, for cathartic release
  • Wave 4: Cruise, steady, unwavering, recharge music
  • Wave 5: Nostalgic, lyrical from peak into heart music
  • Wave 6: Integration, stillness, wholeness, meditation

    New to Ecstatic Dancing?
    Don’t worry if you feel shy, self conscious or want to turn the camera off during the Ecstatic dance part of the event. That’s the advantage of Zoom compared to an in person dance event, it allows you to ease into your dance experience by turning the camera off and turning it on again during the sharing part at the end. Maybe you need a couple of times participating before you feel confident to keep the camera on. Some people also keep their camera off if they have an intimate or fun experience with themselves and don’t want to share it with other people. Remember you are in charge of your experience. Take care of yourself and tune into your body to feel what’s right.

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    Ready to try out Ecstatic Dancing yourself?

  • Book your own private 1:1 Ecstatic Dance Session (1 hour) with me & integrate a topic of your choice. Use dance as a way of embodiment & self love
  • Join one of the weekly Zoom Group Ecstatic Dance sessions, every Thursday evening from 6.30 pm CET (Vienna time) and Friday morning at 11 am CET (for 1 hour)
  • Come along to our monthly special Ecstatic Dance event where each month I’ll collaborate with different members of the community to introduce different flavours from painters, singers, consciousness pioneers etc. The events happen each month on the last Saturday of the month from 4-6 pm CET
  • Buy a Sensual Dance Package to dance to from the comfort of your own home (guided online dance videos)

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