Ecstatic Dance

“If being stuck & frozen is part of someone’s traumatized state,
then movement is the central resource for growth and development.”
– Oliver Schubbe

What is Ecstatic Dance (Integration Dance)?

Ecstatic Dancing is a conscious dance practice, inspiring you to free flow dance to the song of your own soul and the music that’s been carefully crafted by the Ecstatic Dance DJ, taking you through 6 waves.

It is about the experience of how it feels to dance from a place of living inside of your body compared to looking at yourself from an outside perspective and judging yourself, your moves, your dancing, your life.

Benefits of Ecstatic Dancing?

  • Deepen body awareness
  • Encourage individualistic self expression
  • Deepen connection with your authentic self
  • Dance as a form of self care
  • Unite mind, feelings & body
  • Rediscover your passion for movement
  • Dance out of trauma into a new sense of ease and grace
  • Make the body a safe place again
  • Dance yourself into the present moment
  • Allow spontaneous creativity of the body
  • Increase your joy for life
  • Allow sensuality
  • The different genres of Ecstatic Dancing

    The range of music played by an Ecstatic Dance DJ is quite wide ranging from 85 beats per minute to 145 bpm, down to 75 bpm again during a whole dance set. Also the different songs include music from different genres like Base, House, Tribal, Funk, Instrumental, Ethnic Music, Ancestral, Ambient, World Music, Medicine Music, Shamanic Sounds, Nature Sounds etc…AND last but not least, a good Ecstatic Dance DJ creates a dance journey taking you across 6 dance waves:

    The 6 waves of Ecstatic Dance

  • Wave 1: Arrival & graceful music to ground everyone in the space
  • Wave 2: Playful & thriving music to get energies going
  • Wave 3: Chaotic, orgasmic, wild, soaring, for cathartic release
  • Wave 4: Cruise, steady, unwavering, recharge music
  • Wave 5: Nostalgic, lyrical from peak into heart music
  • Wave 6: Integration, stillness, wholeness, meditation

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    Invite a friend:
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    Ecstatic Dance PDF

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