Embodied Death

The birth of a new way of dying & rebirthing

A few years ago I was certified as Spiritual Death Doula with the Crimson Circle, passing on a beautiful process that has been forgotten about by many. I facilitated seminars around the subject in Austria, UK & Scotland and I used this process with my mum during her own death journey. My aim is to support the birth of a new way of dying that gives people the choice to design their own death journey when the time has come and removes the fear and heaviness of dying, making death a celebration & a conversation. I also like to remind people that they have the ability to rebirth themselves without having to let go of their physical body.

Death is not the end,
it is simply a transition.

I like to provide you with wisdom and tools so you are equipped to handle the death journey in a more conscious way. Become an active participant in the process, rather than regret having felt paralyzed throughout your own or somebody else’s death journey.

Let’s put a different spin on death &
celebrate the end of a life cycle together.

I am a guide who helps you overcome

About You

You like to:

  • understand the true meaning of death & why we created death
  • consciously explore the subject of death to bring more awareness to the different stages of the death journey from pre-death, death itself to after death, and get more clarity around the reincarnation cycle.
  • explore new traditions of celebrating death where the person dying can actually take part in what is called a “Celebration of Life” party to honor the person dying and give them a beautiful send-off, instead of the traditional after-death parties.
  • educate yourself about different choices on what to do with the physical body after death, honoring the person’s individual choice and the environment.
  • understand the administrative responsibilities when someone dies.
  • learn to create an open dialog around death & dying within your family, friends, or colleagues at work.
  • feel empowered about the death process and make conscious choices, design your own death journey or be an active participant in someone else’s death journey.
  • learn new tools that allow you to personalize this journey from designing memorial cards, family merchandise, picture books for the leaving party, all the way to personalize your urn.
  • learn how to rebirth yourself whilst still alive.

Learn how to go beyond the old way of dying. Imagine how much more you can enjoy your life if you are able to totally let go of that fear of death.

I am a guide who listens
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Digital Book

A comprehensive modern-day guide to all you need to know around death and end-of-life care.

The guide is appropriate for:

  • Anyone who is interested in learning more about the death transition process
  • Everyone who faced the issue of death or mourning topics
  • Those who suffer from a deadly disease
  • Those who have relatives who recently passed away
  • Those who have fear of death or for whom death is a difficult topic to talk about
  • Those who are afraid of the dark
  • Hospice facilitators, health professionals, and anyone working in the funeral industry
  • Explore a new and lighter perspective on death, providing a true understanding of why we created death as an exit strategy in between lifetimes.

    Learn about the three stages of the death process, to give you insight into what happens pre-, during, and after death. Having greater awareness around the stages of dying helps people let go of their fear.

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    Let’s play the game of death – Card Game.
    Discover the taboo topic of death in a playful way and learn new facts about your partner, friends, family & yourself

    Have fun talking about death.
    Discover new things about yourself and your friends.
    Free yourself from the fear of death.
    Consciously prepare yourself for the death journey.
    Create your own traditions around the various stages of dying, death itself, and the grieving process whilst you are still fit and in the midst of life.

    Play the party game with your family, friends, your partner, or take part in one of the online card game events!

    Funeral companies, death insurance companies, and hospices can buy the “Let´s play the game of death” card game and gift it to their customers, business partners, employees, or patients as a gift. We offer the option of adding a company logo and brand colors to the card box.

    Age 13+
    Game Players 2-10

    We recommend playing the game in multiple game rounds
    and for you to fill in the answer sheet for each round of the game

    You can now purchase the digital version of the card game here.

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