Weekly Ecstatic Dance

Would you like to use dance as a regular way of exercising the body and practicing the connection with your body? Choose whether you would like to attend a Thursday evening class at 6.30 pm or a Friday morning class at 11am CET for 1 hour.

All you need for the class is:

  • Turn your own living room into an online dancefloor
  • Have a drink ready to keep yourself refreshed
  • Put away distractions like mobile phones & partners
  • Shoes off during the dancing, dance barefoot on the floor
  • Create a nice ambience for yourself i.e., flowers, candles, sage the room
  • Have a yoga mat ready which you can lie on during the Sound Bath
  • You can keep the camera on or off (in case you’re feeling shy or want to ease into the experience)
    Class Flow:

  • 5 mins breathing
  • 40 mins Ecstatic Dancing
  • 10 mins Sound Bath
  • 5 mins Sharing

  • 15 Euro per class
  • Get 5 Euro discount if you bring a friend along
  • Get your spot for free if you bring 3 new friends
    Choose which class you would like attend below and get directed to make a payment: