• Providing support to people who experienced physical, psychic, sexual or spiritual abuse, eating disorders, addictions, divorce and mental health issues AND people who simply want to experience mental & spiritual well-being.
  • Helping people feel safe again and reintegrate back into the world through understanding how we create our experience of life and what it means to be human.
  • When we understand that people do they best they can with the thinking they've got available to them, we are less likely to blame other people but can see their innocence, we have compassion for why people behave the way they do.
  • One of the biggest misunderstandings is that we believe people and external circumstances have the power to make us feel a certain way, that people have the power to impact our own well-being. If we believe they do, we feel powerless and angry if things don't go according to plan. Once we understand that we are already okay at the core of us regardless of what happens, we can simply be in the moment, flow with what is and have less resistance to when our expectations of others or life aren’t being met. We are able to just flow with what is rather than complain about what isn't. We're no longer trapped in being the victim of life.
  • Helping people understand the human condition, how the mind functions and how when going beyond the mind we can tap into unlimited potentials that bring us new experiences.

"It's the desire of the soul to break the barriers of the mind to fulfill itself on earth."

What would your life be like if you knew you can’t get hurt?
If you were free to experience whatever you wanted and allowed yourself to deeply feel and open up again?
Being fully in life without being fearful of getting hurt again on the way...

 “If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world” – Sydney Banks

Remember that innocence you experienced when you were a child and you were ready to discover the world, full of joy to simply go off and experience, not being afraid of what you discover? Discovering without any concepts of right and wrong, beyond preconceived ideas you have of yourself, beyond the roles you play, discovering the world from a new sense of curiosity again beyond the past, but keeping all the wisdom from the past with you to draw upon.

Somewhere along the way you got hurt, people disappointed you, you started to have expectations and life didn’t show up the way you wanted to. As a result of being hurt in the past you shut down, you created coping strategies to avoid being hurt again, you put your defences up, pushed people away and isolated yourself.

It’s natural to want to unplug, isolate and remove yourself from the world if you think the world is no longer a safe place. Especially if you experienced any form of trauma whether it was a divorce, the death of a loved one, a financial loss or any form of physical, sexual, psychic or spiritual abuse.

It’s easy to assume that other people are out to hurt you all over again and as a result you stop showing up, you retreat, you stop creating, stop participating in the world and life becomes flat. All the joy and excitement stripped away.

I see it happen to a lot of people who have been hurt in the past in one way or another, they retreat and either get angry at the world or angry at themselves or angry at the person who hurt them….and they stay angry. They have a hard time letting go, moving on or they don’t know how to reintegrate back into the world again from a more balanced safe place within themselves. It's hard to trust again.

What if it’s time to let all those hurt preventions go? Whilst it made sense and it's natural to want to protect yourself from getting hurt again, it's not your natural state. What if it’s time to release all the shackles from the past and have a new beginning. Whilst it may look like all those people hurt you on purpose or did things to do you on purpose...they didn't, they too did the best they could with the thinking and level of consciousness they had available to them at the time. It's time to forgive and move on, it's time to take your power back again. It's time to allow yourself to be playful again.

What if rather than worrying about getting hurt again, you could learn to manage your own energy, to be the source of your own well-being so you can feel okay regardless of how people show up and regardless of your current external circumstances. Where you can be free to play and participate in the world without the fear of getting hurt again.

What if it's time to come home again...come home back to you.
Come home to the you that loves to experience, doesn't judge the experiences you've had,
the you that's resilient and can't get hurt.

I have found that once people have an understanding about how they create their experience of life, they start to develop a greater level of compassion for themselves and other people, they tap into their own inner resilience and thus bounce back from situations quicker. Allowing themselves to feel uncomfortable feelings but no longer being scared of them or make them mean anything. As a result they feel a greater sense of well-being, more passion for life and more joy to show up and engage in life again whether that's finding joy at work again, in a relationship, with family, picking up creative endeavors or starting to socialize again.

Understanding the role of our human mind &
divine soul for mental & spiritual well-being

We all have innate well-being at the core regardless of:

- current outside circumstances
- how people show up
- how life shows up
- how much money is in your bank account
- how much work there is still on your to do list
- current relationship status
- skin color, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation
- health status
- state of mind
- past experiences

You’re already okay! Always, always, always!

Yes, you don’t need fixing, you’re not broken and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

 That’s your inner resilience, your divine self or I call it the “I that can’t get hurt”.

Have you noticed that regardless of the amount of experiences you had up until now and how difficult or challenging you perceived those experiences to be, you still came through the other end? You still exist.
You keep bouncing back!
That's your "I am" self.
You are...everything else is an expression of you.

Now whilst you are okay at a very core level, it doesn't mean you always feel okay
...you're human after all.

Why is that we don't feel okay at times? Why do we feel stressed out, get confused, feel energetically overwhelmed, feel depressed, feel needy, feel we're in great pain or feel done wrong by others?

Part of being human means:

- we don't like change and resist it, we're constantly evolving and
our human self is comfortable with what we know but uncomfortable with the unknown

- we hold onto old ideas of ourselves, old ways of showing up and don't want to go beyond;
we believe the current roles we play give us a sense of well-being, they keep us safe

- we think our sense of security & well-being is tied up in other people
or outside circumstances;
when we have expectations on other people, life
or on ourselves and they're not being met

- we've been hurt in the past and somehow feel the world is no longer a safe place;
the human self expects to get hurt again and goes into hiding and protection mode

Whilst your human self might have felt hurt, disappointed, let down... who you are at the core, the being underneath all that feeling hurt, is still just as intact as when you were born. That's your inner resilience.

Whatever you believe in is the reality that you create. Whatever you allow into your life, without all those shields and barriers and everything else that you’ve set up, kind of like your hurt prevention; whatever you allow is what becomes. It’s that simple!
– Adamus St. Germain