Embodied Living (60 mins)

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Guiding you from disembodiment to embodiment!

Often our attention is habitually focused on our heads, so we can get things done. This mental energy disconnects us. Embodiment coaching is about coming back into the body to feel fully what is really going on in this inner subtle world. Within your being is the primal life force magic that makes you alive.

Embodiment is also about the difference between living from the ‘outside, in’ (via others’ gaze) & living from the ‘inside, out’ (living from Self). Embodiment guides us to the subjective experience of how it feels to live inside our bodies and to identify with our own unique experiences. Whereas body image is fundamentally dissociative. Body image starts by focusing on how we are seen from outside of ourselves.

Are you allowing the real flow of who you are through? Let the body lead instead of mental masturbation!

At any point in time, you are either expanded or contracted, open or closed. One is not better than the other. Opening and closing is the natural cycle of life. Many of us are not able to move between these two states. We have the volume turned right down. When we become habitually constricted, when we are so constricted that none of our life force energy comes through, we become disembodied, we don’t hear the signs or signals of our bodies. We numb out the sensations of the body like no longer feeling the need to eat. When we turn the volume down on the simplest things like mealtimes, we also turn the sensitivity of our own true self down. We are not talking about opening the external senses, the 5 senses that connect us to the outside world, but the internal senses where we feel our expansion and contractions. It includes our thoughts & emotions.

Sensations are our internal roadmap to hear our truth. We all have internal senses but not all of us are actually using the tools available to get in. We need to enhance our shallow connection. It’s about finding new ways of connecting with the body using awareness, breath, movement, and sound!

Awareness is presence, our internal focus. Awareness asks us to be present, here and now. Without it, there is no chance to be in this body. Feeling can only happen in the body. This body is the technology of which you do feel. Awareness is absolutely key. Distractions arise and we often lose our awareness.

Breath is the vehicle of our awareness, when we become conscious of our breath, we become conscious. It’s our life force energy. By being conscious of the breath, we automatically become conscious of the body. Shut your eyes for a second if you can. Focus your awareness, your internal mind’s eye here. Feel inside the chest, draw in the breath.

Embodied movement is a way to further become sensitive and create expansion and flow in our body. Embodied movement is the doorway to greater sensitivity, allowing the body to take over and lead. Embodied movement is nonstructured. It is not about a right or wrong way to do it. It is not about a warm-up or cool-down period. Embodied movement is led by your body first. By letting the body lead we become curious explorers, following the breadcrumbs and going deeper and deeper into our internal world. It is also about releasing any stuck energies. Sound can start from a simple out-breath to a roar, allowing you to drop deeper into the sensations of your body. Cultivate openness, acceptance, and expression.

Embodiment is communing with internal felt senses, it is about turning up the volume to know whether we are expanding or constricting.

We live in a society, where people are blamed or shamed, categorized as problematic if we are feeling too much. It can lead us to feel unsafe, unsure how to navigate, or have no clue where to begin. This is why sensitivity practice is key. Most people are not living yet at their full capacity. 20-50 % is turned on, the rest is numbed out. Numbing out those senses, we actually turn down the volume of the nature of who we are. As we become more sensitive, feeling our internal sensations, we become more curious, dropping deeper, and feel why is this sense of constriction or expansion here. Dropping out of judgment, but just letting the body lead by feeling those sensations.

Our most natural state is flow. When we are cultivating more of our flow, we are more in our flow and are more of ourselves.

Book a 1:1 session and I will share with you the below tools where appropriate:

  • Learn how to “body scan” during the day to bring more awareness into how your body feels
  • Use the Sensitise Practice, a way of embodied movement to turn up the volume of your own body talk
  • Embody more consciousness throughout the day in your daily activities and cultivate more awareness
  • Learn how to navigate the mind and bring it along for the ride without ruling the show
  • Cultivate self-love, compassion & express your heart creations
  • Use your own imagination to go beyond the limitations of the mind
  • Learn to get into the now moment to become a conscious creator
  • Learn how to focus again without fragmenting yourself & your own energies
  • Go beyond people-pleasing into becoming your own guru
  • Open up to explore life again beyond resistances
  • Do more of what makes you happy
  • Go beyond your own comfort zone into a state of further
  • Build conscious relationships by listening and becoming more aware
  • Learn to go offline to be with yourself & your creations
  • Learn about embodied orientation to attract your desires
  • Welcome your imperfections & claim your humanness
  • Go beyond healing, fixing to knowing your worthy
  • Be radiant vs. being asleep
  • Go beyond insecurities & agendas, keep it clean & clear
  • Learn to speak your boundaries
  • Discover your needs and communicate your demands
  • Go beyond being liked
  • Be intimate with self
  • Discover what is sincere, true & authentic for you
  • Go beyond servitude, breaking boundaries & over giving
  • Allow pleasure & purpose into your life
  • Embodiment simply means “inhabiting the body.” And by inhibiting the body more fully, we find we can inhabit our SELVES more fully. We can access the clarity and wisdom that arise from our depth. An embodiment coach helps you access your own internal resources for depth, truth, clarity, and wisdom, and to use those as a foundation to move forward toward your purpose.

    “The world needs more embodied people who are claiming their fullness of being
    and operating from a place of depth.”