Grief Dance

60.00 inc VAT



Move your sadness, powerlessness, anger, pain, and also your joy
Mourning is colourful & expressed in different ways on different days
True grief has an element of joy — if you allow all the love & pain
Be in a safe space where you have room for your grief
Authentic movement to music with sound journey & sharing

How it works:
40 mins of authentic movement & dance to music
10 mins for integration & 10 mins for sharing at the end
Allow the body to move through different stuck energies in the body
Move from being disassociated & feeling overwhelmed into flow
Slow down to honor all the sensations & feelings in the body

Use grief dance as a form of self-care
Use grief dance as a new avenue for self-expression
Mindful and nonjudgmental exploration of your grief
Express yourself through dance in a way that words cannot
Reinhabit your body after trauma & loss. Relieve anxiety & stress.

More Info about the session:
This dance is dedicated to evoking the feelings of grief & grage as a powerful vibration, allowing yourself to feel the intensity of rage, learning to direct grief in a healthy way, thus using it as a personal power to manifest whatever we want.

When we experience grief, our body goes into the same physical response as if we have physical pain, it goes into a fight or flight response, which is connected to our sense of safety, as well as our action/primal animal response, our body releases high levels of adrenaline and cortisol so we can run away, take action, fight, or do the things physically to deal with the threat in front of us.

However when it is triggered by grief, we also have a shut down response, we contract, don’t want to move, we make ourselves small, freeze and get depressed. If we don’t use up all these excess hormones, we have all this extra adrenaline which creates illness, diseases, sustained fatigue, as well broken heart syndrome.

If you don’t bring yourself back to a chemical balance, it can create such illness, you can actually die from it. It is important for us to face grief, face it in a way where we are consciously moving grief and releasing this energy from our body using physical exertion. Using the body, allowing ourselves to cry and express freely, to get ourselves back into balance instead of just getting stuck in this depressed state. Fight or flight is associated with rage, anger and panic. When we have grief, we also feel rage & anger.

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